The history of our company began in the 19th century. Our headquarters are located near the sea where the fish port and fishermen's settlement used to be. Vassili Malahhov, who developed the processing of the so-called "sprats a'la Malahhov" famous all over the Baltic region, was the owner of the building and main part of the fishing grounds.

At present, there are about two thousand people in the company. Everyday product output reaches hundreds of thousands of various canned fish, as well as salted and smoked fish of different kinds, preserves, herring roe, fish flour, etc. Our company operates six plants, which obtained EC approval numbers.
Maseko Ltd. has close partnership relations with Dutch, Japanese, English, Finnish and Swedish companies. Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Israel, USA and Canada are traditional markets for our products. We strive for collaboration; the objective of our company is to create long-term, close, mutually beneficial relations with customers and suppliers. Maseko Ltd. is a constant participant in all largest international seafood fairs in Brussels, Bremen, Cologne, Beijing, Moscow, St.-Petersburg and other cities.